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Lindsay Genealogy



Annie Steel Robertson, her grandchildren Bella & David Lindsay, and their uncles, 1898

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Linda's Parents (Kathy & Heather's Grandparents)

James Calderwood CrawfordStuart LindsayClint Prouse
b 2/2/1920 Caldercruix, Scotlandb 3/3/1919 New Stephenson, Motherwell, Scotlandb 4/4/1921 Pickering, ON, Canada
d 9/22/1967 Toronto, CanadaLived on Coronation Rd. in New Stephenson. She was given the forename "Stuart" after her aunt.d 4/8/2001 Toronto, Canada
Served in Canadian Navy during WW II. Died young (47) of a sudden heart attack. Brewers Warehouse dispatcher, Scout Leader (Baloo)Served in Canadian Army during WW II (cook in officer's mess, Hamilton ON). Remarried Clint 30 years after the death of James.Served in Canadian Airforce during WW II flying the giant airboats on submarine patrol out of Ireland. An engineer for Ontario Hydro.


 Stuart's siblings (K&H Great Aunts and Uncles)

DavidBettyJohn MuirIsabellaRobertJimmy
dob 3/5/1913dob 4/9/1912dob 
dob 11/24/1915dob 10/22/1924dob
dod 5/2/1995dod 1996dod
dod 5/26/98d 8/14/1966
Married Lois then Mia Father of Jeannie (1947)Married Andy Gibson mother of Betty (1936, married Pat Murphy, 1954, mother to Cathy, 1956, and Patty, 1958) and John(1938, married Toni,1956, Father of Vicki, 1956, Rene, 1958, & David, 1961))Married Marie then Audrey
(2/26/1929 -2/22/1983).
Father of 
Joanne (1950 who is Married to Richard Tie) & Patrick (1951)
Appleby (1912-1985) mother of Brian (2/4/1941), Alan (12/3/1945) and Douglas (11/29/1949).
Married to Kay McGarvey
(?-1991) Father of Garry (1945), Raymond (1947), & Susan (1949)
father of
 Judy(1956), Jan(1958), Jim(1960), Jill(1962), & Julia(1963)

Stuart's Parents (K&H Great Grand Parents)

David LindsayElizabeth (Muir) Lindsay
d 8/ 9/ 1889 in Airdrie, Scotland d.o.d. 4/15/53d.o.b 3/ 5/ 1889
Raised together with his sister Isabella "Bella"(7/16/1892-2/10/1978 married David Bell mother of Betty<married Benson> and Bob <married Louise>)by his maternal grandparents after the early death of his mother. David and Bella had two earlier siblings, William Gardner Lindsay and Anne Steel Lindsay both of whom died within months of their birth. David worked with his father for a time in the Tube Works in Motherwell Scotland before moving his family to Toronto in 1922. Worked for CPR and at Royal York Hoteld.o.d. 3/ 15/ 1975

David's Parents (K&H Great Great Grand Parents)

David LindsayElizabeth (Robertson) Lindsay
b. 12/2/1867 in Airdrie d. sometime after 1911. Had two sisters Stewart(b. 1866) and Elizabeth (b. 1871)d.o.b 1870 d.o.d. 1905
Raised by his mother as a single parent after his father was lost at sea, he rose to become a foreman in the Tube works and a good parent to his children despite loosing his wife when he was only 37.Weaver in a Cotton Mill. Died in Childbirth at 35 years of age. Had a sister Mary Robertson who signed as a witness at her wedding. Daughter of William Robertson (a coal miner) and Annie Steel. Annie Steel Robertson raised her daughter Elizabeth's two surviving children after Elizabeth's death following a miscarriage.

Elizabeth Muir's Parents (K&H Great Great Grand Parents)

John MuirElizabeth (McCutcheon) Muir
d.o.b. 1/25/1866 d.o.d. 1932b 2/2/1866 d 3/7/1948
A coal miner born in Larkhall, Lanarkshire, Scotland. He lost 2 sons in WW 1: Frank Muir, an Able Seaman was killed on Monday November 13, 1916; Louis Mccutcheon Muir, Private 8th Bn. Gordon Highlanders, died Saturday October 9, 1915 born at Larkhall, Lanarkshire. By the time he died the Muirs were living at Armstrong Cottage, Grange St., Motherwell . A third son, Hugh Muir was captured by the Japanese on on the Island of Nauru in 1940 and may have died a prisoner of war.A tailor in Scotland. Born in Dalserf. Daughter of John McCutcheon (1832 son of Eccles McCutcheon & Jane Kerr) and Elizabeth Wyper (1838 daughter of John Wyper & Mary Maxwell). Sister to Lewis (11/30/1858), John (8/17/1860), Janie (2/1/1866), Jean (1/10/1868) & Hugh (3/14/1870). Married John on 11/2/1888. Died in Toronto, buried beside her daughter Elizabeth Muir Lindsay and son-in-law David Lindsay at Pine Hills.

David Lindsay's Parents (K&H Great Great Great Grandparents)

David LindsayIsabella Finnie
b. 1846 d.?b 9/30/1850 Tyrie, Scotland. d. 1891
A Coal Miner. Had an older brother James (1842), and a sister Mary (1844). Orphaned he was raised by his maternal uncle and aunt Benjamen and Esther Hutchinson in Old Monkhead Parish. Left the mines to become a mariner sometime between 1871 and 1881. Never returned to his family and may have been lost at sea. Both his actions and his fate are a considerable mystery.
Married Isabella Finnie in Airdrie 12/30/1870.
Parents were Samuel Finnie, a coal miner, and Stewart Gardner (b 8/15/1818 in New Monkland, d 5/31881) of Airdire. After the death of Samuel, Stewart married Alexander Black in 8/1852. Stewart's parents were William Gardner and Elizabeth Moffat (who had ten children including Stewart). In turn, Elizabeth's parents were Alexander Moffat and Helen Stewart. It was in honour of Helen that the name "Stewart" enters the family as a woman's forename.
A Steam Loom Weaver. Suffered from "general paralysis" for four years prior to her death at age 41.

John Muir's Parents (ggg grandparents)

Robert MuirMargaret Wilson
Born 1838 in Nitshill, Renfrewshire. Died of "Miners Phthisis, a form of tuberculosis, 21/10/1873Born 1842. Worked as a tambourer, embriodering muslin cloth.
A coalminer. Married Margaret 11/17/1862 in Millheugh, Larkhall.A farm servant. Daughter of John Wilson (mine foreman) Margaret Dyat (married 11/28/1830 in Hamilton). Also the mother of Robert (2/9/1868),Margaret (b. 3/20/1870 married Wiliam Provan), Janet (3/18/1872) & James (4/29/1874).

David's Parents ( K&H g,g,g,g, Grandparents)

James Lindsay?
1820? Old Monklands?

Robert Muir's Parents (gggg grandparents)

John MuirAnn Howe
Born abt. 1818 in Fivemiletown, County Tyrone, Ireland. Died of a Strangulated Hernia eight hours after surgery on September 14,1879Born about 1818, also in Ireland. Died on December 18, 1882 of asthma and bronchilis. She had eleven children, at least four of whom died very young. Among them were Robert (1838), Margaret (1837), Jane (6/2/1849), Mary 8/3/1851 and Ann (5/10/1855)
A farmer forced out of Ireland by the Potato famine. Worked in the Coal mines of Scotland in the Balquhatstone Colliery, among others.Her father was John Howe, a farmer from County Tyrone.