Friday, October 29, 2010

Lindsay Clan Reunion 1999


In Honour of Stuart LINDSAY Crawford Prouse's 80th Birthday


Poem Fragment 1795 by Robbie Burns
"Will ye go to the Hielands, Leezie Lindsay,
Will ye go to the Hielands wi' me?
Will ye go to the Hielands, Leezie Lindsay,
My pride and my darling to be."

A Lindsay Family Reunion was held on Sunday August 8th, 1999

For Descendants of

David Lindsay & Elizabeth Muir Lindsay

Who brought their family from Airdrie, Scotland

to Toronto, Canada in 1922.

It was held at

The Highland Creek Legion Hall ( Branch 258 ) in Toronto

From 2pm.-8pm.

Dinner was catered by Sister's Restaurant in Scarborough, featuring a Roast Beef dinner, a Vegetarian Choice and a cash bar.

Nearly 50 people attended from Guelph, Regina, Midland, Belleville, Ajax, Burlington, Oakville, Toronto, Idaho and Nicaragua.


Welcome to Highlights of the Lindsay Reunion 1999

Canadian Legion, Highland Creek, August 8, 1999

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the Lindsay Family Reunion 1999. I'm delighted you were able to make it and that the response to the idea of a family reunion was received so warmly. There comes a time in the evolution of every family when the normal needs of every day living move family members further and further apart. Once close relationships, indeed friendships, are kept alive only through chance gatherings at weddings, christenings and funerals.

Formal Family Portrait

Hopefully, today provided a rare opportunity to catch up on the events that have taken place in each other's lives over the past few years; to meet new members of the family not born last time we met; to greet new in-laws wise enough to fall in love with a Lindsay; to remember those we've lost; to rekindle old friendships and just have a great time--together.

The Lindsay Reunion Cake

The day would not have been possible without the help of a number of people: the hall was a gift of Stuart's husband Clint Prouse; the banner was a creation of Steven Crawford; Kathy Kosciejew helped out greatly on the day; the Lindsay Family Trees and Charts posted on the walls were created by Alan Appleby; the family portrait from 1898 on the cover of the Handout is the property of Betty (Bell) Schroeder and the photos were taken and developed by Jeff Kosciejew..

The Piper led the Family in singing Happy Birthday to Bob and Stuart

Door Prizes were awarded to Matthew Appleby for agreeing to carry the cake (Lindsay tie), Alan Appleby for his work on the family tree charts and helping decorate the room (Lindsay Crest key chain),Betty Murphy for bringing the most family photos (Lindsay tartan change purse), Heather Fraser and Jeremy Gray for winning Steve's Name Game (book on Lindsay History), Danny Tie for coming the furthest distance (Lindsay key chain) , Steven Lindsay for making the most money by selling Pokemon cards (Lindsay bookmark) and Judy Spenser for being the first to arrive and for all her help on the day (a Lindsay crest shot glass).

The line-up begins to grow for dinner

We hope you had a great time reading and updating the information on the Address and Family Tree sections of the Handout, completing the various lists on the walls and enjoyed posing (happily) for the family portrait. All his information was gathered together for a commemorative booklet

Linda, Clint, Stuart & Betty

It was geat seeing everyone and I hope you all had fun!

Linda Fraser.