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William and Johanna Fraser (1839--1920)

Welcome to the Genealogy section of our site. The following material is intended for family members and those with a serious interest in genealogy. It is not for commercial use and no permission is given for any reproduction of this material in any form without the express consent of the Fraser Clan of West Hill. To request such permission or for any comments or questions please write to us at: Fraser Clan of West Hill 

Click on any of the following highlighted names for access to family trees, biographies and photographs relating to that branch of our family: 

FRASER (with additional information on Carroll, Chisholm, Fitzgerald, Green, Gray, Gummer, Kosciejew, Lynch, Maliott, Mark, Michalski, O'Conner, O'Connor, Ralston, Reid, Rhind, Scott, Shepherd, Simpson, Stubbings, and Timmins). For information on the Fraser Reunion that was held July 7-10, 2000, click here. 

CRAWFORD (With additional information on Calderwood, Cuthbertson, Fraser, Gibson, King, McDowall, McLachlan, Prouse, Woods, Snow, Smith, and Stewart). 

LINDSAY (with additional information on Appleby, Bell, Benson, Dyat, Finnie, Gardner, Gibson, Hamilton, Hay, Kerr, McCutcheon, McGarvey, Muir, Murphy, Prouse, Robertson, Tie, Waugh, Wilson and Wyper). For Information on the Lindsay Reunion that was held on Aug 8, 1999, click here 

SHEPHERD (with additional information on Bradford, Birch, Chalkley, Freeman, Goldsmid, Goodge, Loftus, Marlow, McLean, Newman, Staines and Whing). 

O'CONNOR (with additional information on Collins, Cunningham, Donnelly, Doyle, Gatenby, Henley, Hillock, Hudson, Lynch, McCallum, McCarthy, and Tierney). 

RENSHAW (with additional information on: Brittain, Chittenden, Cote, LaRose, Meallistey, Messer, McBean, McPake, Reed and Smith). 

Names highlighted on the family trees lead to additional biographical and/or pictorial information about that person. 

An additional genealogical resource not to be missed are our guestbooks in which hundreds of people have left the names of family members they are researching. See also the largest annotated listing of Fraser Homepages on the web. 
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