Sunday, October 24, 2010

Biography: Clint Prouse





Clint Prouse passed away at 7:10 am on Sunday April 8, 2001 after several weeks fighting pneumonia, four days after his 80th birthday. Linda's mother remarried after being a widow for thirty years and I guess it pays to be fussy, because widower Clint was both a very interesting guy and a gentleman. During the ten years we knew him, Linda and I enjoyed several day trips and many a fine meal together with her mother and Clint. Clint's father owned a large farm in, and was mayor of, Pickering Ontario. An only child, Clint's mother died at a very young age.

Signing up as a teenager, Clint became a pilot during WW II, flying the huge Short Sunderland Flyingboats out of Ireland on submaring patrol. With his first wife Helen, he was father to Carol and David Prouse and adoptive father of Clinton. After the war he became an engineer and was responsible for the construction of many of the Hydro generating stations here in Ontario. He had been severely ill for some weeks before his death in the intensive care unit of the cardiac wing of Sunnybrook with multiple problems (bonecancer, blood clots, a heart condition and pneumonia).

He was an active member of the West Hill Highland Creek Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion for twenty-five years, serving in senior administrative positions. Over thirty members of the Legion attended his funeral where they performed a special memorial service.

During the two last years of his life Clint lived in the veterans chronic care unit of the Sunnybrook Medical Sciences Centre, where he continued to remain active and involved. Instead of simply being "instatutionalized" Clint became a member of the Veteran's Advisory committee at the hospital fighting for improvements in the food served to the veterans. He also modeled and helped with the design of a new electric wheel chair, "The Versitile Rocket", and demonstrated it on appearances on national and local news programs, as well as several televised documentaries. All of his nurses came to visit him in intensive care and attended his funeral.