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The art of Linda Fraser is an exploration of texture and mood. Her bold use of colour and detail brings life to her painting and evokes a feeling of involvement and a heightened respect for nature. Linda studied art at Nipissing University in North Bay and at the beautiful Cedar Ridge Art Centre on the banks of the Highland Creek Ravine in West Hill Ontario.

"Birch Basket" is an excellent example of Linda's use of texture and mood. Her strong use of colour and detail brings the rugged basket, and its contents, to life. The viewer is inspired with a renewed respect for nature.

"Frank's Boot" is another example of Linda's use of texture and mood. Here her lively use of colour and detail finds beauty in a nostalgic boot, reborn as a flower pot on the doorstep of an enchanted cottage. The contrast between the aged boot, with a shoelace flowing like a tear, and the vibrant new life of the flowers, sets up a dramatic tension that that gives the painting its considerable power.

"Rain" captures a tender but conflicted moment in the life of a young bird. Alone and fragile in the vastness of nature the bird is unprotected from the pouring rain. However it is a warm rain bringing the forest back to life after a long cold winter and the chickadee is one nature's earliest symbols of the return of spring.

"OlympicGold2006" celebrates the Gold Metal win of the Canadian Women's hocky team in 2006. Their backs drapped with the flags of Canada and Italy, the women stand in joy as the Canadian anthum is played.
On a warm Autumn day an ancient "Pathway" gleams in the late sunlight with the sheen of a light rain. The bold colours of the original are barely hinted at in this reproduction. But the warmth and peace of the scene are still intact.
Here a young child makes a a profound "Discovery" in this detail from a larger work. A field of wildflowers attracts his attention to the beauty of nature for the first time. His ball forgotten, he reaches out to gently touch the living flower.

A "Ravaged Cairn", not far from Inverness Scotland, lies in hushed testimony to the spiritual impulses of our distant ancestors. The painting explores the spiritual nature of a Sacred site built by the ancient Picts thousands of years before the invasion of Scotland by the Romans. Here Linda captures the spiritual message of a reverence for life transmitted to us across thousands of years of time.

In this dual Impressionist work, Linda explores the use of colour to even greater effect. The Priory is a quiet restaurant on Ward's Island sheltered from the hustle of Canada's largest city by Toronto's busy harbour. Here a couple finds a retreat from life's demands and an opportunity to enjoy life at a more human pace.