Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lindsay, the Dog


Our English Springer Spaniel

Oh sure, my new dad looks happy to see me, I'm the newest member of the family; but do I even get a mention in the family Genealogy Tree? I don't think so, and I love trees!!

And just look how adorable I am! Doesn't your heart just melt at the sight of me? So why do you object if I give you just the smallest of bites. A love bite really! All in good fun. I just don't understand people!

I was born on September 2,1999, virtually a millenium baby. I am an English Springer Spaniel (ESS for short). Well, maybe not a pure bred, there is an ugly rumour my father was an English Setter; but I don't let spiteful gossip bother me. Calling me late for dinner, now that bothers me!

There is an even worse rumour, that I was discounted from $650. to $295. by the pet store before my human parents adopted me, but I know they fell in love with me the week before and money played no role in my life. Who can put a value on something as beautiful as me?

This is me and my mom in the backyard of their home. I'm looking embarrassed because the pet shop dressed me in this silly ribbon no self respecting dog would wear. Thanks for rescuing me from a fashion foe pa mom!

I live with my adoptive nana through the day while my parents are at work. She's great fun, and very tasty too! She taught me to do rolly-pollies. The things a self respecting dog won't do for a cookie, or two!

They say we Spaniels are an ancient breed whose roots can be traced back to Spain and we were spread through Europe by the Roman legions. You'd think, after all that, I'd get a little respect! Oh well, good job all I wanna do is have fun! And chew on the furniture!

They also say we are prized for our attractive appearance, intelligence and loyalty. The truth is, I can be a little stubborn, am full of energy and want all of your attention all of the time. But in the end, I'm worth it!