Monday, November 22, 2010

Biography: Francis Patrick Carroll



Bishop Carroll at his residence in Calgary

Francis Patrick Carroll was born in Toronto on July 7, 1890 to Patrick Joseph and Isabella (Fraser) Carroll. Isabella was sister to great grandfather Charles Fraser. Francis lost both his father when he was 3 and his mother when he was only 17. Presumably raised by his maternal grandparents, Francis attended St. Francis School, St. Michael's College (where he studied Classics and Philosophy) and St. Thomas College in Chatham, New Brunswick where he attained his Doctor of Divinity. He was ordinated at St. Michael's Cathedral in Toronto on June 2, 1917 and was consecrated on February 19, 1936. After assisting his uncle William Fraser as associate pastor of St. Francis, through the summer of 1917, he was appointed Professor of Sacred Scripture & Homiletics at St. Augustine's Seminary in Scarborough and pastor of St. Joseph's Parish in West Hill.

He took a year off in 1927 to study at the School of Scripture in Palestine before returning as Vice President of St. Agustine's in 1930. He asseumed the presidency of St. Agustine's Seminary in 1931 where he served until he was appointed Bishop of Calgary in 1936. Along the way he also had been Vice General of the Toronto Archdiocese (1935) and Vicar Capitular of the Toronto Archdiocese (1934).

Bishop Carroll was assistant at the Pontifical Throne November 18, 1957 finally resigning as Bishop of Calgary on December 28, 1966. He died on February 25, 1967 at age 77.