Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Biography: Carroll



Patrick Joseph Carroll (1863-1893), known as Joseph, married Isabella Fraser (1869-1907) and was the father of Teresa, William and Bishop Francis Patrick Carroll. Bishop Carroll took a keen interest in his families' history, perhaps due to the tragic loss of his parents, and the sudden death of his younger brother William, at so young an age. He commissioned a study into his family genealogy very shortly after his brother's death.

Sister Leona Henke of Calgary was kind enough to share some notes on the Carroll family from this research commissioned by the Bishop in 1946. The genealogist's report states, in part:

Family facts, history as given in these pages, certify beyond doubt, dispute or question, the lineal descent of Bishop Francis Patrick Carroll from the renowned Kings of Eilie O'Carroll ("King of the Gold, of the land of cattle, of the most hospitable mansion in Erin, of the host of auborn curling hair, so great in battle and famed where Fame was only for the boldest").

Out of that turbulent period in Ireland's past, came the fathers' of "two boys who came over the mountains". They were of Eilie O'Carroll stock of King's county and Northern Tipperary. Their intermarriages and marital alliance with the Kennedys of Upper and Lower Tipperary is well documented. The Kennedys also fought along with the Carrolls in the Irish Brigade, fully supplying many corps that figure with high distinction. They were proscribed and outlawed as Jacobite loyalists by the Williamites.

One branch, of the "two boys who came over the mountain", were the Carrolls of the Carrolls of the southern estates of Eilie O'Carroll in Tipperary and Limerick and who fought and followed Charles 11.

A descendent of this branch was Charles Carroll, signer of the American Declaration of Independence, who called himself Carroll of Carrollton, was cousin to Archbishop John Carroll of Baltimore. John was two years older than Charles. They studied together (1747) under Jesuits in Maryland. In 1748 they both went to Europe for a Catholic education.

The father of Carroll of Carrolton was named Charles. The grandfather of Carroll of Carrollton was also Charles who emigrated from England to Maryland where he became Attorney-general under Lord Baltimore 3rd. The emigration was caused by persecution of Catholics in 1688.

The other branch of the "Two boys..." led directly to Joseph Carroll and his son the Bishop of Calgary. Of this branch, two sons emerged from the remote fastness of Killaughrim where they had been driven. One had a son, Michael (Mick), who is now buried in Newbawn, Ireland. The son of other, Patrick, was born in Waterford Bridge, Ireland, in 1805, emigrated to Toronto Canada and was the father of Joseph. Patrick was 93 when he died (April 1898), out living his son by five years. Joseph died (November 27, 1893) at only 30 years of age, just three years after his son, the future Bishop was born. Joseph and his father (and a Mary Carroll, who died in April of 1883, presumably his mother) are buried in St. Michael's cemetery in Toronto. Isobella died at the equally young age of 37 in 1907, just 14 years after her husband. She rests with her husband and his parents. Presumably, her children were then raised by their maternal grandparents, the Frasers.