Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Biography: Ann Green Simpson


Ann Green Simpson

Ann was the daughter of Alexander and Margaret (Milne) Green of Slackend Farm. 

Despite expecting a child by James Fraser, religious differences may have made marriage to James, a Protestant, impossible for her devotely Roman Catholic family. After birth of her son William Fraser, Ann married William Simpson 9/14/1841, a devout Catholic, in Rathven. She and William lived in Longhill where William worked as a blacksmith. With him she is also mother of Ann Simpson(b8/27/1842) who married Ed McGree, Mary Simpson (b11/8/1844) who married a Traynor, Isobella Simpson(b2/26/1847) who married a Ferguson, and Alexander Simpson (b.7/6/1853).

The following correspondence is from Geraldine Greir, grandaughter of Alexander Simpson.

Hi Barry, Your site is amazing. It will take me days or weeks to see all of it. My grandfather was Alexander youngest son of Ann Green Simpson and William Simpson. He married Jane Forsythe (1858-1908) and had four children:

Jean married Bill Macintosh -- They had two children -- Alexander (Sandy-deceased) and Betty who lives in California.

William who came to Canada with my parents (a bachelor)

Alexander (died in France in W.W. 1)

Margaret (my Mom) married Robert Watson. There were 7 children in our family.

We had many letters and pictures of family (Frasers etc.) but unfortunately our home in Windsor went on fire. Nearly all of my Parents old pictures etc. were lost in the fire. My parents,Grampa Simpson,Uncle Willie and my brother Alex came to Canada in 1921. My Dad, Robert Watson, was a Marine Engineer and was coming to get on a ship on the Great Lakes.However the boat which they were on could not get through the ice. They had to stay in Newfoundland for a year before settling in Windsor.My Dad became a Tool and Die Maker at Ford's in Dearborn and retired from there at age 67.Sadly he died 2 yrs later. My Grandfather, Alexander Simpson, took a book out of the Library, read instructions for building a house. He built the house we all lived in until Mom died in 1979. The house is still in terrific shape.Grampa was 75yrs old when he built the house.

Little else is known of the life of Ann Green.